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Mini hydro

Mini hydro is the term used for plants with reduced average installed power and which require smaller facilities compared to conventional hydroelectric power plants equipped with storage tanks.

The modest dimensions help solve problems (pressure and impact) more easily.

Most mini hydro plants are privately owned and are usually located along small or medium sized watercourses. The purpose of minor hydropower is to harness the potential of water resources and become part of specific environmental contexts.


The purpose of mini hydroelectric power plants is to fully exploit the potential of water resources and, where there are the technical and economic conditions, become part of specific environmental contexts.
Mini hydroelectric power plants can be used in situations where there is a demand for energy and the presence of even just a limited amount of water with a drop of just a few metres.
The most widespread use of small plants is in mountainous areas that are difficult to get to and not covered by the national grid. In these areas, mini hydroelectric power plants are built or re-commissioned on torrential or permanent watercourses, often serving small local communities or isolated farms and hotels, and managed as part of a plan that favours distributed rather than concentrated, conventional and large-scale power generation for the protection and conservation of the area.