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About us – Enco Engineering Consultants

Enco Engineering ConsultantsENCO Engineering Consultants was established in 1983 by a panel of experienced engineers. Today the team of Associates and Consultants have excellent professional qualifications, international experience and the capability to manage large-scale projects.

Services and specializations

ENCO’s services include: preliminary and feasibility studies, final and construction design, supervision of works, project validation and testing.
Since 1983 dozens of ENCO’s projects have been successfully carried out, in full compliance with the environmental and economic standards pro-vided for at the study phase.
ENCO’s reliability and skills are also evident at the construction stage, thanks to a long-term experience in the supervision of civil works. The detailed construction design, the accurate cost estimation, and the meticulous drawing of the constructional details are the main strengths of ENCO, as recognized by operators in the field.
The in-depth knowledge of the public works regulations, the construction management experience and the numerous supervisions of works appointments that have been entrusted to ENCO are a guarantee, for the Client, of highly skilled workmanship and precision with regard to administrative procedures. The permanent staff is supported by qualified, skilled external experts.